The God Gametes Theory of Universal Life and Consciousness PDF download by Robert Jameson

The God Gametes Theory of Universal Life and Consciousness

Robert James Simspon
Publication date: April 2012
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“What the hell is going on here?” A great opening line to a startlingly telling thesis on the big questions:
“Why are we here?”
“Why is there intelligent life?”
“Why is there anything at all?”

We can see and touch planet Earth, the organic life of man, animals and nature’s greenery, and we are aware of our universe. Yet its creation and purpose, the energy and organization of all matter and the evolution of all species leave multitudes of questions unanswered. God Gametes makes a damned good fist of expounding a theory that at first seems too incredible to take seriously yet evolves right from the start, just as have Darwin’s worldly beings, to convert our minds from possibility to probability.

God Gametes? We all have our own interpretation of what is God. Robert Jameson believes a Creator ‘kick-started’ the system to get it going. And “Gametes” according to Oxford is Sexual protoplasmic bodies that unite with others for reproduction [from the Greek Gamete (wife) and Gametes (husband) and Gameo (to marry)]. These together set the pattern and keep it going. God Gametes explains the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of it, how and why it keeps going, keeps changing. Robert for years agonised over Darwin’s inability to explain, for genes had then not been discovered, how genetic evolution works or how over vast periods of time the needs for species to change were recognised, how machinery in the evolution system for making the changes itself evolved, or for putting the changes in place. He began to compile a theory addressing the ‘how’, researching the findings of dozens of scientists over recent centuries, dissecting their theories to draw comparisons with his own to here present his compelling, logical thesis.

The God Gametes theory argues that life on earth is part of a hierarchical structure, part of the external reproductive system of a parent species that lives ‘out there somewhere’ (Robert will give you a clue) with whom we communicate in our subconscious or our dreams. Earth is but a tiny planet in a tiny universe, in turn part of a multiverse, a system so large our minds cannot even comprehend it. Energy and organization on earth are sourced from the multiverse.

Robert pays much credit to the basic concept of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution yet illustrates how and where modern science and technology overlay Darwinian concepts with a broader outlook. Robert says: Part of the popularity of modern Darwinism is no doubt due to the fact it has offered scientists a chance at resolving the big questions…… ‘Survival of the fittest’ is fine for driving adaptations to our earthly environment but there are forces at work that violate Darwinian natural selection… … Darwinists will need to accept biological uncertainty as new theories are founded, in the same way physics has had to recognise that ‘quantum uncertainty’ proved Einstein wrong.

Robert not only makes such bold statements, he backs them up with systematic reasoned argument. So may I in this Foreword expostulate that maybe we should be calling Darwin’s theory of evolution ‘Stage 1’ of “What the hell is going on here?” and the God Gametes theory ‘Stage 2’? Yet he takes persistent care to avoid the trap of espousing something he cannot prove and freely admits some questions may never be answered: The reproductive system of which we are part demands that we can never perceive the source of our existence. Like human gametes we need to be on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to evolve our parents. If we could understand their world we would simply become their clones. Science and theology are on equal footing when attempting to resolve the issue of creation. Both will have to accept that there are some questions that will never be resolved.

And whilst his theory recognizes a property of life that cannot be explained in scientific terms he offers compelling evidence of structured forces in place, that control all. He sums up his own case by saying: It does not attempt to explain how anything came into existence. We know however that there is matter in the universe and on one planet there is life and it is intelligent life. The objective of God Gametes is to put forward a model that might explain “What the hell is going on here?”

Maybe having read God Gametes, even if you too are a died-in-the-wool stoic sceptic like me you’ll at least be convinced that there is indeed more to it than we have instinctively taken for granted.

But before closing please let me prise a monkey off my back. I had insisted to Robert that I would take no payment for proofreading and editing what he wrote. I am sure in his Author bio. you will by now have read of the severe disability he suffers, particularly for a writer and I have tremendous admiration for not only the strength of purpose he illustrated in gaining his university and teaching degrees but recognising, as another writer, his innate ability to systematically compose such compelling argument. Computer illiterate, I came to realise how Robert was subtly beginning to provide favours, downloading a dictionary on to my hard-drive, and a thesaurus, and several other helpful systems such that I began to feel somewhat like she who had no desire to be a prostitute yet became suddenly aware a man was lavishing gifts on her for favours bestowed. It came as much a shock as relief that there remain people in the world still remembering the boy-scout ethic.

One element I particularly enjoyed is Robert’s opening chapter. Or maybe I should say, the mechanics of opening such a meaningful treatise with a fairy-story as light-hearted as The Planet of the Butterfly Queen. Take care not to gloss over this offering as banal or trite, for later as you read, you will realise that every fairy-tale character and every little incident that befalls them, prefaces significant theory indeed in respect of What the hell is going on here? So off you go now, simply turn the page to begin your engrossing journey into wonderland.

Kev Richardson

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