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the heArt of my reVersing

Vusa Wai Tui Publishing
Publication date: April 2012
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Playground Contemplation
An excerpt….
Most days in silence she slips within
to question if past acts of child abuse
can ever leave one unscathed
in a world that loves make believe
and punishes children telling tales.
In the jungle gym of her mind,
she yearns for that hour of liberation.


Pen Point Survival
She dreamt of living solely by her words
For words are her wings, as flying is for birds
To rise, writing down, all she needed said
Inky waves pressed on paper, styled to be read


Gauna & Inaki: Time & Meaning
An excerpt….
As the spirits of Past, Present and Future, they had grown to exist in harmony with one another.  They had learnt that the true nature and power of love is transformative.  As siblings it would now be their shared knowledge, their collective Pacific consciousness, working gently with the slow awakening of humankind that would eventually lead all people to strive for a heaven on earth for all.  Back in the warm embrace of his beloved Gauna, Inaki rested in her existence while he told of the challenges being carried to their region by the winds of change.  Nearby, Past Present and  
               Future respectfully listened.



“A remarkable fresh piece of literature full of powerful, illuminating and thought provoking poetic verse, which opens the mind and stirs the soul towards current and long known social issues usually left untouched or silenced.”
Ada Wright, Editor, Vusa Wai Tui Publishing


“….an incredible talent.  A hearty congratulations on your courage, honesty and skill. You have a rare talent, special insights and a delightful way about your writing.”
Dr. Cathy Kezelman, ASCA: Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse


“….a lovely way with words. Each section is very different from the other. Surviving child sexual assault is a life-long quest. I am pleased you found some answers in your writings and some relief. I wish you well.”
Hetty Johnston, Executive Director Bravehearts. Inc

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