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The Invisible Doors

Gary Don Oliver
Publication date: April 2012
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While hunting for the same antiquities, three men are accidentally transported into a reoccurring space anomaly hidden in a cavern under a prehistoric Mayan pyramid, where they each eventually realize their hearts truest desires.


Imagination and Adventure

This fast-paced adventure takes you on a trip through time and space into another dimension, which extends from past and future fantasy to present-day reality. The characters are developed through description and the use of subtle humor, which lies just beneath the surface of the story. An imaginative, original plot and story line keep the reader intrigued and guessing about future developments. This book would make a good movie!

A series of misadventures lead the main character, Don, and his companion, Stanford, into an anomaly in a Mayan pyramid, which transports them into another world. There they meet Ned, who entered the anomaly in 1952. The three adventurers try to determine how they got there and how to return. The world they find themselves in is populated by exotically costumed women from an ancient civilization, dinosaurs, supernatural "shadow phantoms", ancient Maya, and cave men. A few other people from Don's world have also stumbled into this mysterious environment, where the reality known to us becomes elusive and the laws of physics do not seem to apply consistently.

Some things never change, however, and the romantic intrigue of human male-female relationships is thoroughly hashed out between the characters. Some of the dialog shows great insight, as well as humor, in this department.

This book raises unanswered questions and leads to speculation on many fronts. Just what is reality? Is our perception of the world really accurate? Are there forces we cannot explain with our present scientific knowledge that are really in control?

The Invisible Doors will take you on an adventure that will give you plenty to speculate about!


Why do so many people turn up missing, sometimes vanishing into thin air without a trace, sometimes witnessed by credible onlookers? Although written as fiction, this story honors those who have been taken by forces yet unknown in an area of universal physics, that human science is still too afraid to address publicly.

In this story, physical properties of the universe are used by intelligent space travelers to collect and preserve life on Earth that would otherwise become extinct, and at the same time using the secure area as a stepping stone outpost for universal travel.

All of the good and bad natures of human beings are also preserved as the unwary get trapped, their fears turbo-charging their personal nature. Is this story fiction or fact? You decide.
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