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The Mind is a Rottweiler
Publication date: April 2012
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This book explains, and explodes, some of the myths that surround hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It also introduces the reader to a new form of therapy called DeltaTherapy that allows the reader to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their behaviour. An untrained mind is just as dangerous as an untrained Rottweiler; left to roam aimlessly it can create havoc for the owner and those it comes into contact with; but a trained mind will become your friend and protector.

The book is written by Mel Grant, a clinical hypnotherapist, who explains in simple terms the processes of the mind and how to manage those processes for the better. The brain is 100,000 times more powerful than the average desktop computer, yet the computer comes with an instruction manual of how to use it properly and what to do when something goes wrong. However, humans have to use this powerful brain through trial and error as they journey through life whilst storing memories that may be faulty through erroneous input. The author views himself as a software engineer to the greatest computer known to man today, the mind.

The power of the mind is still a mystery to scientists, yes, the scientists can tell you what parts light up when a person is carrying out various tasks – physical or mental. If you consider the brain is the hardware and the mind is the software, then the software program contains instructions that determine how the body functions. This is not the whole story as there are dimensions to the mind that cannot be explained by science. Scientists cannot tell you where thoughts are generated, where the consciousness resides, or whether we are all plugged into some vast collective consciousness.

By reading this book the author suggests that you will gain a better understanding of your thoughts, why you behave they way you do, and what role perception plays in your understanding of any situation. The book also explores why we think the way we do and what can be done to change our way of thinking. The importance of words is also examined and why some words can be emotive and the importance of understanding what is being said. Do we really know what truth is or do we accept it without much consideration? What are facts, and do facts have any relation to truth?

The respect the author accredits the human brain is based on the theory that the brain will not allow a person to do anything to endanger themselves. However, the author is mindful of the countless number of people who follow a course negative behaviour, even to the point of self destruction; this book gives clues as to why they do so. The author also highlights the general misconception that in order to change habits one has to give something up – to diet one must miss out on favourite foods or count calories – this is simply not true. The author has created a new therapy, DeltaTherapy™, which allows clients wishing to lose weight to eat all their favourite foods, without any diets or calorie counting, and still lose an average of 5 lbs in weight per week. Where DeltaTherapy™ outshines other weight loss methods is because the client is not constantly focussed on food, by counting calories, and because there are no diets to stick to they don’t miss out on their favourite foods either. The basics of DeltaTherapy™ are simple but the potential is immense, whether you want to control stress, lose weight, or stop smoking DeltaTherapy™ will make the transition easy.

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