The New Collection of Murphy's Computer Laws PDF download by Claudio Gasparini

The New Collection of Murphy's Computer Laws

Claudio Gasparini
Publication date: April 2012
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The original Murphy’s law says: "If anything can go wrong, it will." In this New Collection of Murphy’s Computer Laws the first and updated law is: "If nothing can go wrong, it will." In computer science there are some unwritten laws that are the fruit of years of experience used for repairing the disasters created by the PC. To know these laws makes life easier and stress and ulcer free.

One of the first laws that you have to know is: The first time nothing will work. And probably also the second time. Whatever is the theme of your research, if it has to do with computer science, the first time nothing will work correctly. And usually all will proceed without problems up to 5 o'clock on Friday.

Then everything will go wrong at the same time, but it will look as if it is all right. All the emergency plans predisposed with the maximum foresight and care, won't obviously work.

In moments of great stress, you realise that everything falls to pieces and the worst happens when you least expect it. And the most expensive component always breaks cousing greater damage.

If you are prepared for every eventuality, you have to know that What you expected will never happen and what was broken before will break again.

Never say "It's impossible for it to break" because the fact is that if a thing exists it will break for sure. The worst disasters always happen after one has said: "This is only a matter of 5 minutes."
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