The Power Of Truth - The Four Simple Questions Of Byron Katie PDF download by Moritz Boerner

The Power Of Truth - The Four Simple Questions Of Byron Katie

Publication date: April 2012
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When Moritz Boerner first met Byron Katie and her wonderful "Work“ in Munich, it sparked off a love affair that continues to this day. In Part One Boerner tells his story with Byron Katie, in Part Two he shows 144 enlightening Workpieces about all realms of life. This is the story of what it means to use this simple method in order to find the ultimate truth within you and nobody else. A book that can change your life forever.

The Rent Increase: My First Work Session, The Zen-Master, This woman drives me crazy, The Final Turnaround, The Treasure in the Desert.

Workpieces: Abandonment, Abortion, Abortion (2), Abuse, Acceptance, Age (1), Age (2), Alcohol, Aloneness, Ambition, Anger, Appointments, Appreciation, Arrogance, Beauty, Betrayal, Body, Body (2), Boredom, Boundaries, Burden, Cancer (1), Cancer (2), Children (Responsibility for), Children (Unwanted), Christianity, Control (1), Control (2), Couples, Creation (Reality), Creation (Thoughts), Criticism, Death (1), Death (2), Decisions (1), Decisions (2), Destruction, Disability, Dirt, Discussions, Dishonesty, Disturbance, Dogmatism, Ego, Emotions, Enemies, Enlightenment, Environment, Ethics, Evil, Expectation, Exposure, Fear (1), Fear (2), Fight, Freedom, Future, Garbage, Goals, God, Grief, Guilt, Hate, Helplessness, Here and Now, Home, Hope, Humility, Hunger, I (Who am I?), I (Does it exist?), Ideals, Illness (1), Illness (2), Intolerance, Jealousy, Judgment, Justice, Karma, Know-it-all, Lawnmowers, Laws, Laziness, Letting go, Love (1), Lying, Magic, Meaning of Life, Mess, Mistakes (1), Mistakes (2), Money, News, Noise, Ownership, Pain (Emotional), Pain (Physical), Pain (Primal), Parents, Past, Pining, Politics, Poverty, Pressure, Problems, Profession, Promises, Rape, Relationship (1), Relationship (2), Rules, Respect, Responsibility, Righteousness, Savings, Scotch Tape, Security (Material), Self-criticism (1), Self-criticism (2), Self-destruction, Selfishness, Sensitivity, Sex (1), Sex (2), Show-off, Sin, Sleep, Society, Soul, Spirituality, Stupidity, Suffering, Superstition, Support (1), Support (2), System (Being at the mercy of), The Work (1), The Work (2), Thinking (1), Thinking (2), Threat, Time, Travel, Truth, TV, Understanding, Violence (1), Violence (2), Waiting, War, Weight, Wishing, Work, World.

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