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Twice in a Blue Moon

James Kay Publishing
Publication date: April 2012
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December 1941. The United States of America enters into a global war. The conflict touches our very shores and a scheme arises to protect the liberties we all hold dear. As one president settles on a misguided decision, two men take advantage and set in motion a project with no end. Now, they are all dead. The day after tomorrow, a deep underground secret will be revealed...

...and you thought it never happens twice.

Opening Paragraphs:

A faint noise echoed through the peaks and faded away. “Wonder what...?” Mitch Jordon glanced over his shoulder and shrugged. “Probably nothing.” Satisfied, he slipped his supply laden canoe into the gentle water and searched under a pile of blankets for his paddle. Soon he knifed his way toward the far shore.

The ripples from his strokes grew larger, then swept away in the current formed by the graceful movement of his sleek canoe. A flock of black-billed magpies argued overhead as a strong wind knocked them from the air. “What--”

A loud roar, produced by the rotors of a helicopter, assaulted his ears as it dropped from above.

“What is he doing?” Jordon paddled faster and felt his breath echo the rhythm of each stroke. He calculated his time to shore. “Maybe I can get to cover.”

The copter hovered and hesitated before it dropped to within a few feet above. Escape appeared futile and Jordon held up a hand to keep the spray from his eyes while he slipped the other under the blankets. His finger curled around the trigger of his rifle.

A man with a bandaged head struggled in the door of the huge unmarked, military craft to steady a mounted M6O-D machine gun. He peered down the site and the first burst from the weapon sliced through the bow of the canoe. When the man looked down to view the damage, Jordon saw his face. Treacherous eyes smoldered in the folds of scar tissue. Clenched teeth spoke revenge.

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Another Great Story From Derek Bullard

Having devoured Mayan Moon, I did not hesitate to buy this one too. I wasn't disappointed at all. The story never lost its form and was just so pleasing to read: Bullard really knows how to create atmosphere through beautiful yet tight descriptions of setting and emotion.
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