Unique way to Run 3 phase Motors on Single Phase PDF download by J. Summers

Unique way to Run 3 phase Motors on Single Phase

Douglas Arndt
Publication date: April 2012
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A number of years ago I needed to run a couple of three phase motors on single phase power. I purchased a commercial converter which was what's called a 'static' converter. It worked, but just barely, and burned the motor out after a few months. I also tried to make a rotary converter from plans someone sold me. That did not have the power to start the load. So I did some research and did a lot of experimenting and found a way to get the motors to run properly. My way makes use of a surplus power transformer. These can be found relatively cheaply on the used surplus market. If you are looking for a way to run these 3 phase motors on single phase power you should give this method a try. It worked very well and also was flexible in running more than one motor. I built mine to run motors if you want to run a non motor load like a welder you will need to have a motor running before you can connect it. This makes it like a rotary system and is used to smooth out the voltages for non motor loads. But as I stated if you are only running motors you do not need to have an 'idle' motor running. My way is quiet and does not waste energy on an idle motor. The price to build it depends on the size of the motor and your ability to obtain the transformer. It could range from $50 for a couple of horse motor to $150 for a ten to twenty horse motor. But again a 10 horse converter can run a one horse motor or 2 fives or a 3 and a 7.5 etc.
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