eBook Formats

eBookMall currently supports the industry-standard formats PDF and ePub. When browsing our website you'll notice two variations on each, displayed as:
ePub (Adobe DRM)
PDF (Adobe DRM)

Adobe DRM

eBooks with Adobe DRM must be downloaded with an authorized copy of Adobe Digital Editions. Our Adobe Digital Editions page gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do this. It's easy and you only have to do it once for each of your eReading devices. Once the eBook is downloaded, you can transfer it to your device.

Regular ePub and PDF

The eBooks shown as regular ePub or PDF do not require the use of Adobe Digital Editions. You can you use your favorite PDF or ePub viewer for those eBooks.

How to Choose

When choosing a format, the most important consideration is the type of device that you'll be using to read. ePub eBooks are "reflowable," meaning that the text will re-arrange itself to fit your screen size. This makes ePub the ideal format for smaller screens like those on smartphones and it's also excellent for medium-sized screens like those on tablets and eReaders. PDF is great for larger screen sizes like your laptop or desktop monitor.

Not every title will be available in multiple formats. If more than one format is available, you can change the format by using the drop-down box that shows near the middle of the product detail page.

Before making a purchase, check our list of supported devices to verify that you'll be able to read our eBooks on your specific device. If you need help figuring out which format is best for your device, just ask us!