Plain Text Format

eBooks are no longer sold at eBookMall in this format.

eBookMall has identified PDF and ePub as the current industry-standard eBook formats. They are supported on the widest range of eReading devices, including E-Ink eReaders, Android, iOS, and tablets.

We will provide access to your previous Plain Text eBook purchases for as long as we can, but we will no longer be adding any new eBooks to eBookMall in this format.

What can I do now?

We understand that it can be frustrating when the market evolves and eBook formats become outdated. eBookMall is attempting to keep up with the best eBook formats currently available, so we are now selling eBooks in PDF and ePub formats. These formats can be read on a wide range of devices that are sold today.

1. You can still read your previous Plain Text eBooks purchases on your computer or mobile device. Our Plain Text eBooks were simply .txt files -- they have no DRM so you can put them on virtually any eReader, smartphone, or tablet.

2. Check our list of supported devices to see if you own a device that can read our PDF and ePub eBooks. They can be read on Windows, Mac, many eReaders, iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) as well as Android smartphones and tablets, so it's likely that you've already got a device that is supported.

3. Learn more about how our current eBook formats work.

4. Try some free eBooks!