Use Readmill to read your ebooks on your iPhone and iPad, available now in the App Store!

Readmill is great for reading your ebooks on your iPhone or iPad and has created a community of readers and that also allows you to use your iPad or iPhone to share passages with friends, track your reading progress, and recommend books. eBookMall is proud to be one of Readmill's partners, and now offers the ability to wirelessly send your eBookMall eBooks to your iPad or iPhone with the Readmill app. 

How to install Readmill

1. Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone and search for the Readmill app.

2. Download and install it on your device.

Sign Up

1. Open Readmill and tap the Sign Up button.

2. You can sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account. You can also create a basic Readmill account.

3. Allow Readmill for iPad access to your Readmill account.

Prepare for Adobe DRM

1. Open the Readmill app.

2. Tap your avatar on the bottom left corner. A menu will pop-up. Choose Settings then Adobe ID.

3. Enter your Adobe ID email and password.

4. Tap Connect.

Note: Always use the same Adobe ID for each of your devices (computer, iPad, etc). That will allow you to use your eBooks on each device. If you don't yet have an Adobe ID, get one here.

Download eBook

1. Now open in a browser window.

2. Login to your eBookMall account.

3. Go to your purchased eBook in My Account and click the Send To iPad/iPhone button. (If you haven't signed in to Readmill, you'll be redirected to the Readmill website.)

4. Back in your eBookMall account, you'll see the Done button. This means you can read the eBook on your iPad or iPhone with the Readmill app!

5. Done!

For more information and details about Readmill, visit the Readmill website.